Our Second Fold Project Aim

To shadow and interview 30 wisdom sisters (each should have a minimum of 30 years of ministerial experience) from different countries in Africa and curate their wisdom into a collection of short stories that will be published tri-lingually.

Religious women are seldom celebrated and many of their good works remain unknown even in their own countries and regions. This book will highlight their contributions to society, celebrate their ingenuity and creativity, share their wisdom with the world and inspire younger and future generations of African religious women in their own ministry.

Catholic sisters have been direct service providers at the very margins of society since their foundation, however, an added benefit of this kind of study
will be an exhortation to reexamine our ministerial commitments in light of the current needs of society, so that we may continually reinvent ourselves to go where no one else will go, and also to let go of those ministries that are

Second Fold Project Aim
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