Sr Pulane Makepe

Name: Sr Pulane Makepe

Congregation: Sisters of the Cross and Passion

Why Watawa wa Taa?: I have had a desire to participate in fora like this since I joined religious life. Also we have few congregations in my country so the desire to have meaningful conversations about discernment of ministry today, reality of our church in the countries we live, the changes taking place and shape for women, leadership and stewardship. And also for inspiring creativity. I hope it is a resource that inspires future collaborations and initiatives amongst people in the world. .

Hobbies: I don’t really have one that I do for myself but I have been challenging myself with cooking meals in a spirit of hospitality that cater for diets outside of my comfort zone. I hope to use this to inspire my menu for profession.

Favourite Colour: Blue and sometimes red

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