Sr. Bernadette Seoaholimo

Name: Sr. Bernadette Seoaholimo

Congregration: Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary also called the Good Shepherd Sisters of Quebec Canada.

Why Watawa wa Taa? I joined this project because being a teacher and being attentive to the needs of other sisters and to communicate love and goodness as God Wills, which is the gift of God specific to each congregation my concern is to share the knowledge with others. I international opened my heart to accept the invitation for the good of the church and with the help of the coordinators and director I am willing to work,share and collaborate with other facilitators.
Hobbies: Community finances, I work in the garden to produce vegetables that we eat in our community, rear poultry, sew school uniforms for our primary school and Pre -School., As well as young and adults association habits.

Favourite Song:  Church Music
Favourite Color:  Black and White

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